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How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign?

How to succeed in influencer marketing?

It’s no wonder why Influencer Marketing has become so popular. 89% of businesses say their ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels. On the other hand, Google searches for influencer marketing grew 1500% in the last three years. This means that people are increasingly looking for information on how to collaborate with influencers.

Influencer Marketing, like any other marketing tactic or channel, keeps changing and evolving all the time and we wanted to share our latest tips on how to create a successful collaboration with influencers.

10 Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing Collaboration

Top tips to create a successful influencer marketing campaign

1. Determine your goals

Such as with any other marketing method, you need to be clear with your goals before starting to implement your plans. What are you looking for? Are you launching a new product or are you driving more traffic to your website? Make sure you have clear goals.

2. Define your audience

After you have set your goals, it’s easier to define your audience. Who are you trying to reach? It’s very important to know your audience before you start choosing your influencer since the influencer who you are collaborating with should have the same audience as you’re trying to reach.

3. Choose an influencer type and budget

Are you going to collaborate with nano, micro, macro, or supersized celebrity influencers? This, of course, affects your budget as well. Nano influencers might be willing to collaborate in exchange for products, which is very rare among the bigger influencers since being an influencer is a profession for many of them. Respect their profession and don’t expect to have it all for free. It takes hours, days and even years to build an audience and an ideal collaboration should be beneficial for each participant.

Choose the right influencer type for your goals and budget

4. Use influencers over celebrities

Most of the time influencers are more professional partners compared to celebrities. They have built their audience in order to do what they are doing, compared to celebrities who probably first became famous and then started to collaborate with brands. Influencers know what they are doing, and they usually have a loyal group of followers who trust them.

5. Don’t get blinded by the follower numbers

Follower numbers don’t tell the whole story. It’s so easy to create big follower numbers for example on Instagram by using bots, but this means that there are no real people behind those numbers, and in marketing, we are looking for real people to engage with. Even if the numbers were real people, micro-influencers, influencers who have less than 10k followers, tend to have more engaged followers. In a survey, 82% of consumers said they were highly likely to follow a micro-influencer recommendation on a product or service. Keep this in mind when planning your next campaign and remember to ask your influencers engagement numbers rather than follower numbers.

6. Keep an open mind towards new ideas

Most of the influencers know what they’re doing. Keep an open mind and listen to their ideas. This will make your collaborations more authentic and as influencers are collaborating with different brands and companies all the time, they know which kind of collaborations interest their followers and what is not interesting.

Most of the influencers are professionals who know what works best for their audience

7. Trust on influencer’s judgements

If your selected partner says no, trust their judgement. As said earlier, they know their audience, what works and what doesn’t. Also, you don’t want to have a collaboration which feels forced. Influencer Marketing is all about peer-to-peer recommendations and it shouldn’t feel fake. Have a trust that you’re working with a professional who knows what he or she is doing.

8. Instagram is currently the number one channel

99.3% of businesses implementing influencer marketing campaigns use Instagram. This proves that Instagram is the number one channel at the moment. Instagram has thousands of influencers to choose from and most likely you’ll find a great fit for your campaign there if you’re trying to reach out to a certain target group. Instagram is not for everyone if your target audience is, for example, older people, Instagram is not the right choice for you.

9. Obtain reachable goals for campaigns

Once you have set your goals and discussed them with your selected influencer(s), make sure your goals are reachable and in line with the workload and payments. The best collaborations benefit all sides, and it’s not fair to have too high expectations. This won’t create good collaborations.

10. Be clear with the expectations and payments

While having clear goals, make sure you have communicated your expectations and fees with your influencer as well. It’s always a good idea to have a written agreement or at least emails where both sides understand what they’re expected to do, what is the timeline and how much is the fee.

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